Coalbridge Operations was established in Newcastle in 1988 to provide local industry with specialist resource management and technology services. Since 1988 Coalbridge Operations has diversified and now also offers the following services: Environmental consulting, management and monitoring services, water management and monitoring services, water clarification services, contract dredging and solids removal from lagoons, dams, sumps, tailings dams and other water storage locations and project management and administration services.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

SAFETY is our core value!

In conjunction with performing the referred tasks, Coalbridge Operations encourages and adheres to strict Occupational Health & Safety requirements. Coalbridge Operations is a preferred contractor at Port Waratah Coal Services Limited (PWCS) and participates in the PWCS induction program including mandatory Risk Assessments, Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA’s) and Level 3 Inductions (toolbox talks). As of January 2019, on site for PWCS, Coalbridge Operations has achieved in excess of 190,000 hours with zero lost time injury’s (LTI’s) or medical treatment injury’s (MTI’s).

Information Technology (IT)

Coalbridge Operations is a technology oriented company and believes modern technology is integral to running a successful business. Coalbridge Operations considers it a priority that clients are not inconvenienced, so we ensure our IT infrastructure is current, and supported by a contract IT organisation.